Artless Charlie: A Reintroduction

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Over a decade ago, Ryan Hemphill exercised his passion for the arts by co-founding a theatre company with playwright Adam Michael Cohen. The company, “Bat Country,” was best known for producing an original stage drama, The Cascade Falls. This piece, which was written by Cohen and directed by Ryan Hemphill, was staged at the Abingdon Theater in midtown Manhattan.

Long before their theatre company was met with strong reviews and additional positive press, Cohen and Hemphill collaborated on another original work entitled Artless Charlie while they were still in college. Similar to its successor, Artless Charlie was written by Cohen and directed by Ryan Hemphill.

The staged production, along with its corresponding written journal and production analysis, was the subject of Hemphill’s undergraduate collegiate thesis. Upon the completion of this work and the positive conferring of his degree, Ryan Hemphill proudly received the university’s top laudation — a High Honors Distinction — in the spring of 2003.

Now, fourteen years later, it is Ryan Hemphill’s desire to share another facet of this cherished piece of work: Adam Cohen’s thesis. Through sharing this document — which consists of Cohen’s personal writing process, journal entries, and the ups and downs of turning Artless Charlie into what it is today — Ryan Hemphill hopes to inspire and guide to other young theatre professionals whose dream it is to undertake the daunting task of mounting a new work for the stage.


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