New Zealand

In recent years New Zealand has become an increasingly popular travel destination. One reason for its increase in popularity may be due to the Lord of the Rings films which were shot in the country. The films showed the world the natural beauty of New Zealand, and many travelers took note. Even if you’re not a fan of Lord of the Rings, you will still find a lot to love about Australia’s neighbor.


Queenstown is one of New Zealand’s most popular destinations. The town is located on the South Island, and it has a reputation for adventure tourism. You’ll find lots of opportunities for skydiving, snowboarding, and white water rafting. Hiking is another popular activity—especially in Queenstown Hill. Visitors can walk the Queenstown Hill Time Walk which takes about three hours and offers some wonderful views of Queenstown.

Experience Māori Culture

The indigenous people of New Zealand are called the Māori. They have lived in New Zealand for hundreds of years. Māori culture is very important to New Zealand. The phrase “kia ora” is a popular greeting in New Zealand, and it comes from the Māori language. If you want to learn more about Māori while you are in New Zealand, then you should tour a marae which is land that belongs to a Māori tribe. When you visit, you might be able to hear singing, or you’ll be able to tour the beautiful meeting houses.

Milford Sound

It doesn’t get more beautiful than Milford Sound. The area features astonishing fjords which are best viewed from the deck of a tour boat. Some adventurous tourists prefer to explore Milford Sound via a kayak. The Milford Track is perfect for hikers.

The Shire

If you are a fan of The Lord of the Rings, then you must visit the location that was used to represent the Shire. Many of the hobbit houses that were used during filming remain intact, and you can even enter some of them. While you won’t find any hobbits when you visit, you’ll definitely feel like you’ve entered Middle-earth.

Hike a Glacier

Not many people can say that they have hiked a glacier, but if you visit New Zealand, you’ll get the chance to do just that. There are two glaciers called Fox and Franz Josef that can be accessed via a helicopter. Once you land on top of the glacier, an experienced guide will take you on a tour of the area.



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