Best Restaurants on the East Coast

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The East Coast of the United States is home to some of the country’s oldest cities and most historically important sites. It is also home to some of the best restaurants. This post traces a journey from Maine down to Florida and looks at where you can stop along the way to eat a delicious meal.


Maine is known for its lobsters, so when you visit you can’t leave before dining on a lobster roll. Bite Into Maine has three food trucks that serve refreshing takes on lobster rolls. The original truck is located in Fort Williams Park, so you can eat your lobster park while walking through the woods or sitting on the beach and enjoying the view.

New Hampshire

When you pass through New Hampshire make sure you stop at Republic Cafe. The restaurant emphasizes farm to table fare and serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. On the restaurant’s website you can view each of the farmers that the Republic works with to source its food.


Boston is Massachusetts’ best-known city, and it is home to numerous excellent restaurants. If you want a fine dining experience you can’t go wrong with Ostra or Mistral. Ostra focuses on seafood while Mistral serves French cuisine. If you’re looking for a delicious sandwich, Sam LaGrassa’s is your best option. The sandwich shop has been open since 1968 and continually gets rave reviews from visitors. Prepare yourself for long lines, though!

Rhode Island

Rhode Island may be the country’s smallest state, but it fits a lot of fantastic restaurants within its state borders. Hemenway’s Seafood Grill & Oyster Bar is a must-visit for seafood fanatics. The restaurant has been operating for more than thirty years and shows no signs of slowing down.


New Haven, Connecticut features some unforgettable restaurants. At Union League Cafe you can eat fine French cuisine in a setting that will make you think you’re really in Paris. If you want your mouth to water, take a look at some pictures of the menu’s dishes.

New York

New York is home to some of the best restaurants on the planet. I’ve previously written about many of them, and I encourage you to take a look at some of those articles to learn more about what NYC has to offer.

New Jersey

New Jersey frequently gets made fun of in American media, yet its restaurants are no laughing matter. When it comes to diners, no other state matches New Jersey—it has more diners than any other place on the planet. Tops Diner, located in Newark, is one of the state’s best diners. It was recently voted as the top diner in the country, so make sure you don’t miss it when you pass through the state.


Philadelphia is Pennsylvania’s largest city, and it’s home to some of the state’s best restaurants. The city is also famous for its cheesesteaks. Gino’s and Pat’s are the two most famous cheesesteak spots in the city, and they’re located right across from one another.

One of the city’s most famous Italian restaurants is Ristorante Pesto, located in South Philly. If you’re looking for upscale fine dining, consider visiting Vetri. Finally, vegetarians (and even non-vegetarians) will want to eat at Vedge, one of the city’s most popular restaurants. Last year even the New York Times raved about Vedge.


When you pass through Delaware, stop at Harry’s Seafood Grill for a great dining experience. Whether you eat dinner or lunch or just stop in for drinks, you’ll enjoy the food and the view of the river. The restaurant’s raw bar is a big draw, so you shouldn’t skip out on ordering something from that section of the menu.


Maryland is another state that’s famous for its seafood—it’s crabs in particular. If you visit during summer then feasting on crabs is a must. However, there is much more to Maryland cuisine than just crabs. Plan on visiting one of the following restaurants when you pass through the state: Papermoon Diner, Chick & Ruth’s Delly, and Chaps Pit Beef.


Virginia is for lovers of food. If you’re in Richmond, eat at Lemaire. Chef Patrick Willis is a Virginia native who focuses on cooking New American fare. The menu also features a good selection of bourbons.

North Carolina

Fans of barbecue must make a stop at the Pit Authentic Barbecue (aka The Pit) in Raleigh, North Carolina.

South Carolina

If you didn’t get enough meat at The Pit, then continue to South Carolina and eat at Halls Chophouse. This steakhouse has two locations, delicious food, and live entertainment every night.


One of the most famous restaurants in Georgia is the The Olde Pink House located in Savannah. The building was built in the eighteenth century and is actually a mansion. It’s definitely a unique setting. Diners rave about the food. The restaurant currently has over 2600 reviews on Yelp. Book your reservation months in advance if you want to eat here when you visit Georgia.


Miami Beach is one of Florida’s most lively cities and home to some of the state’s best food. In particular, the city is famous for its Cuban cuisine. If you’re looking for an upscale dining experience, though, make a reservation at Ola at the Sanctuary. The restaurant serves some of the best Nuevo Latino food you will ever eat.


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