From Page To Stage: The birth of Artless Charlie – Part 23


Today we had a run through in the Spiegel as our cue-to-cue has to be pushed back till after Sarah N’s show on Monday.  We tried to incorporate technical elements into the show as much as possible, but seeing as how the lights haven’t been focused for our show yet, it didn’t exactly work.  Aside from that, the run itself seemed to go really well.  I was able to see our most recent cuts in the context of the performance and they really seemed to keep the action moving well.  I feel like it did some much-needed shaving off time from the overall length of the show as well.  By my count, we ran just over 2 hours with a fifteen-minute intermission.  Most everyone was in costume tonight, and it looks like our costume designer, Sarah Y., did a very nice job.  With the exception of Andrew H., everyone was really on top of their lines tonight, and kept the action moving pretty well.  Being completely off book has also seemed to activate Evelyn.  She was much more motherly this evening as Madeleine.

We focused a lot on the transitions and the timing of light changes and sound cues.  I’m doing my best to keep the transitions from being too belabored, but I’m having trouble balancing the stealth and cleanliness of that task.  I’ve tried to overlap the action in the beginnings and ends of certain scenes, but logistically, that doesn’t always work. I’ve mixed up some transition music to help with this, and I’m relying more on cross fades than blackouts when possible.  Hopefully, the combination of all these elements will help keep the transitions quick and comfortable.


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