From Page To Stage: The birth of Artless Charlie – Part 22


The hang and focus went well today. Even though we were sharing the space with another performance right before ours, we were somehow able to get all of the lights up and patched.  I tried to keep the lighting as simple as possible with 3 washes, one for each major playing space, and 5 small specials.  I have to thank Tyler M. and Fred G. for their excellent work with the lights.  I don’t think that we would’ve been able to finish the job without them.  Unfortunately, their dedication was not as evident in some of my other production staff members. I  got word this morning that Sarah U. has dropped out as props master 6 days before we open.  Needless to say, I was shocked to hear this because Sarah volunteered for this position pleading that she had nothing else to do this semester. Evidently, she miscalculated.  In spite of that, Erin rallied the troops before the hang and focus and we pulled/started building all of our own props.  Adam and I pulled the casters off of the remaining platforms and Andrew Denio brought by the newly constructed ramp to load the piano on and off of the platforms.  The ramp worked great and the only thing left to do is to paint the platforms.  Tomorrow, we are going to build the cues and try to have a cue to cue before Sarah N’s dress rehearsal.


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