From Page To Stage: The birth of Artless Charlie – Part 16


After a nice Monday off, it was back to business as usual on Tuesday.  Despite Dan not feeling to well, we ran all of Act I and the first scene of Act II.  I really would’ve liked to let Dan rest because he was feeling a little ill, but I told him that if he was capable of rehearsing, we really needed him tonight since we’ve cut a number of recent rehearsals.  Other than Dan’s illness, the rest seemed to help everyone else.  I think it gave the cast some time to digest all that I’ve thrown at them over the past few weeks. Tonight, Evelyn and Andrew did some of the best work I’ve seen them do thus far. Apparently, Evelyn finally felt comfortable making more direct choices and sticking with them throughout each of her scenes. Andrew was doing a much more solid job balancing the humor and humanity needed to make his character of Joe work effectively.  Tonight, Joe was both funnier and more real than I’ve ever seen him before.  Now that Andrew has abandoned the idea of playing Joe as a cartoon or caricature, the character becomes much more effective on stage.  We also spent some time working on a spit-take gag in scene 1.3.  Somehow, playing with the classically cheesy nature of a spit-take in an obvious and conscious manner is appealing to me.  It’s like theatrical kitsch.  


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