From Page To Stage: The birth of Artless Charlie – Part 11


Evelyn showed a huge improvement tonight, and I really think that the combination of having the full cast and doing a group warm-up did the trick.  We ran through a good portion of the first act tonight and I feel like it’s looking pretty good. Unfortunately, Royston didn’t show, but hopefully he’ll be able to make it later in the week. I’m sure he was busy fighting crime in Gotham City.

In addition to working on Act I, we read through Adam’s latest version of the last scene. Though I do like what he has done with it, I still really want to see Grace leave Charlie at the end.  During the actual read, I felt myself wanting to see her walk out, with perhaps, the possibility that she could return.  We discussed this and Adam felt that it could be a definite possibility for any future versions.  The only changes that would have to take place in order for Adam to do this occur in the last half page of the scene, so he shouldn’t have much trouble playing around with it.  There are a lot of reasons why I think Grace should leave.  Perhaps I’m just cynical by nature, or maybe I feel that she deserves to, but the fact of the matter is I truly feel that’s where the play is leading.  It is important that we make this distinction soon, as it will surely effect the preceding scenes not only in how I approach it as a director, but how the actors choose to play/interpret certain moments.  If either Kirsten or Dan doesn’t know the ultimate outcome of the play in the near future, we run the risk of having some inconsistencies in their performances.  I have faith that Adam will come through on time; I just hope that we make the right decision as to what should happen.  I am really getting excited about the show and can’t wait to really start working on that last scene beyond just a read through.


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