From Page To Stage: The birth of Artless Charlie – Part 6


As I indicated earlier, Adam and I noticed some things about the script during auditions that we felt needed to be addressed.  Accordingly, we arranged a meeting to talk about them and hopefully get them straightened out before our first read-through with the cast.  We decided that it would be best to just start with the minor dialogue changes before the read through and then address the major structural/scene changes after we’ve heard it out loud. This way we don’t discard or alter anything prematurely. Our major concerns lie with the end of the play, particularly the last few scenes. The action and dialogue in these scenes is, at times, a little convenient, and I’d like to look into some textual alterations.  They are convenient in the sense that the point/counterpoint, back and forth dialogue in some of the more dramatic moments feels a little too scripted.  I don’t feel like the issues are being realistically worked out in the minds of the characters; some things register too quickly for them and they don’t have ample time to consider what’s being said, or what’s at stake.


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