From Page To Stage: The birth of Artless Charlie – Part 4


Well, we saw the remaining auditionees last night and, afterwards, met to discuss casting.  This is obviously a very important part of the process, so I want to be extra careful about it.  One of the reasons that I think my previous production of Mac Wellman’s Sincerity Forever worked so well was because of the solid casting.  I’m sure if I hadn’t spent as much time toiling over it as I did, that the result would have been much different.

Together, Adam and I compiled two very different cast lists and discussed the various pros and cons of each combination.  My preferred version, we agreed, was much “safer” in the sense that a lot of the actors would be playing their respective “type” in each role.  Evelyn, however, would be the exception as she has not yet been seen on the Hofstra stage. Adam’s preferred list involved some more risky choices, utilizing more freshman and “unknowns”, so to speak.  I mentioned that even though most of my choices were cast “to type” they were also actors whom with we have both worked at one point or another and felt more comfortable with, considering the scale of the project. I feel that this will give the luxury of a bigger “cushion” to explore more specific details/ moments in the script as the actors are generally familiar with their respective parts.  We will run these choices by our respective advisors and make a decision after balancing their feedback with a little digestion time.  

All in all, though we had some great actors come and read for us, we are left with only about one or two real choices for Charlie and Grace; those being Dan W, or P. Mills, and Kirsten S. or Emily H.  I’m betting that we’ll probably end up with something closer to my list, as it uses Dan as Charlie, who is not involved with any other projects this semester. Logistically, this seems like the wisest choice. Most everyone else on my list is involved with Henry V, except Evelyn, and I’m not sure if her off-campus living situation could present a problem.  Oh well, I suppose we’ll just have to wait and see.


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