From Page To Stage: The birth of Artless Charlie – Part 2


After reading it a few times, I have fallen in love with this script. Of course, I also have some reservations about certain aspects of it.  Namely, I feel that it is a bit on the long side and occasionally, I feel as though the dialogue is a bit convenient.  However, I am confident that all of those issues will be resolved during the process.  The most important thing is that I feel like Adam has laid the groundwork for what could be a great play.  I sense some very distinct elements in these characters and they all seem to have their own “voice”.  That is, the issues that befall these characters and their motivations for acting against them, or not acting as the case may be, are clear.  There also seems to be some very good drama buried within this work and I am anxious to crack it open and bring it out.  I have some preliminary ideas as far as casting goes, but I’m doing my best to suppress that in order to avoid any subconscious bias that could produce in the audition process.


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