From Page To Stage: The birth of Artless Charlie – Part 1

Ryan Hemphill
Thesis Journal

12/15/02 – FIRST READING

Tomorrow, Adam is having his English thesis meeting and I’ve just received my first copy of Artless Charlie (working title). I’ve only finished reading through the first scene, but my first introduction to these characters has spawned a few thoughts, and I wanted to get them down on paper. Firstly, I’ve noticed that there is something familiar about these characters and their relationships, particularly Joe and Charlie‘s relationship. I get the feeling that this familiarity is a result of my belief that Joe is based, at least in some part, on myself. I sense a lot of Adam in the character of Charlie as well, but I don’t want to jump to any conclusions until I finish the play. The dynamic that exists in Joe and Charlie’s friendship is akin to the relationship that Adam and I have, if on a more extreme level – Adam being the quiet, introspective artist, and I being the verbose, maniacal best friend.

Reading through the first scene, I felt compelled to notate some technical ideas and conceptual visions as my mind addresses this play from a director’s perspective. However, I am trying to resist that temptation and just enjoy the play for what it is. I’d like to read it at least once, if not multiple times, as an objective reader and not as a director. I feel that it will be helpful to approach it the way an audience member might and avoid tainting it with any directorial perspective. I can imagine that most plays that are produced are read by their directors, at some point, from that objective perspective, before they know that they might be at the helm of directing said play. Anyway, enough rambling – back to the script…


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