Artless Charlie Introduction


In 2006, Ryan Hemphill co-founded a new theater company in Manhattan with playwright Adam Michael Cohen.  The theater company – “bat country” – was best known for producing the original stage drama The Cascade Falls which was written by Cohen and directed by Ryan Hemphill.  

This original dramatic work was staged at the Abingdon Theater in midtown Manhattan and received some strong reviews and other positive press.

As a predecessor to this production and the professional theatrical alliances birthed from it, Ryan Hemphill and Adam Cohen had previously collaborated on another original work called Artless Charlie while they were both in college.  Here, as with The Cascade Falls, the play was written by Mr. Cohen and directed by Ryan Hemphill.  The staged production of Artless Charlie, as well as the corresponding written journal & production analysis was the subject of Ryan Hemphill’s undergraduate collegiate thesis.  Ryan Hemphill proudly received the university’s top laudation for his work on the stage production and written thesis – a High Honors Distinction – upon the conferring of his degree in the Spring of 2003.

This now fourteen-year-old journal and analysis details every step in the process of mounting a fully-realized, new dramatic play in collaboration with a living playwright. Hopefully Ryan Hemphill’s serially journaled thoughts and subsequent written analysis of the process will serve as both inspiration and guidance to other young theater professionals seeking to undertake the daunting task of mounting a new work for the stage.


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